A Different Kind of Agency: Why I would still choose DEFINITION 6

Every first day at a new job is essentially the same, right?  

You get dressed in the outfit you carefully selected, almost not needing that morning coffee due to nervous excitement. You take a deep breath to steady yourself as you begin the day. When you arrive at your new office (or log into Zoom), you seem to be carried through by a wave—touring your new environment, meeting people who are the nicest they’ll ever be to you, not wanting to ask for a break but really looking forward to that lunch reservation with your new team. Before you know it, you’re done with day one.  

As the weeks turn into months and your honeymoon phase comes to a close, you’re left standing at the ultimate crossroads: at the corner of “Wow, I’m really happy here!” or “Wow, what have I done?”   

Standing at that intersection is exactly when I knew I made the right choice in DEFINITION 6. My workweek would come to an end and, miraculously, I didn’t want to run out the door at 4:59:59. I looked forward to the time I got to spend with my fellow D6’ers—not just at our Friday happy hours, but in every opportunity to learn from them professionally and know them personally, and I never once felt like I couldn’t get the support I needed to do my job well.   

This month marks my three-year work anniversary here at D6. And looking back, I have had so many “Wow, I’m really happy here” moments. But if I were to boil it down, there are three distinct reasons that have made me so proud to be a D6’er: 

Our leadership walks the walk—even when times are scary.  

In March 2020 our leadership team definitively showed the degree of their dedication to support their staff. Organization and planning were critical in those first few weeks, as well as decisiveness, adaptability, and transparency. How do you keep a business running smoothly when reality itself is in flux? How do you enable productivity when personal safety is suddenly in question? Our leadership team was facing the ultimate challenge, and they navigated those new waters like skilled sailors while a lot of other companies were sick at sea. They quickly developed a plan to ensure we could retain our staff if demand slowed. They set a schedule to increase the frequency of our company-wide town halls to keep us all keyed in, and created a solid structure to help us rapidly adjust to a 100% remote environment.   

D6 is more diverse today than it was then. 

While COVID-19 has been a prominent part of the national conversation for the better part of the last two years, so have the topics of civil and social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. In that interest, the leaders of our country and our companies have been called out to face how they participated in propping up systems that benefited only a specific group, and they’ve been tasked with bringing about meaningful change.   

Since the spring of 2020, 80% of new hires have been Black, Asian, Hispanic,Latino and/or female talent. DEFINITION 6 has also made monthly donations to organizations such as the Black TV & Film Collective, She Runs It, oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and SaverLife. The leaders at D6 once again proved that their intention is always to create an environment that supports the physical and mental well-being of all D6’ers, and for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) to not be an ideal, but a cherished and protected absolute. 

It’s an agency environment—with a family feel. 

When I entered a space with dependable support systems, surrounded by inspiring and talented people, I tapped into a place within myself that allowed me to do the best work I’ve ever done. I know what it’s like to work in the kind of environment that drains the actual life out of you. If you were to ask me if I ever question my decision to come to D6, the answer would be an immediate and resolute no. The time I have been here has been the most successful period of my career, and each day I am excited to see what else I am capable of.  

I long for the days when we can all be back in the office together, surrounding the big table in the bistro, chatting, laughing, and yes…even singing. Until then, from the comfort of my home office, I’ll be thankful for every moment working alongside amazing people at an incredible agency.  

Making her way from the Peach State to the Big Apple, Nikki Kunkle is our Account Manager for the PR Services team in New York. She has spent her career working in PR across a wide array of verticals including nonprofit, healthcare, CPG, tech, sustainability, and social purpose. Complex projects, be warned: This process queen has a serious talent for untangling and whipping into shape even the most chaotic of projects. 
Communication is her superpower, and food and music are her love languages. When she signs off, you can probably catch Nikki in her kitchen experimenting with international cuisines—while listening to a carefully curated playlist. 

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